COVID-19 Survey

March 10, 2022


Ravalli County Public Health is following the lead of the State of Montana and other county health officials in moving away from universal contact tracing to an automated survey.  The surveys are compliant with the HIPPA health information privacy laws and are intended for the purpose of tracking time to illness onset, type and duration of symptoms, and any exposures in vulnerable settings.  The survey will be sent via EZ texting service from phone number 406-231-1855.  The text will include a short message as well as our Public Health logo.  Your privacy is important.  Any information submitted through that link is HIPPA protected. 


If you have tested positive for COVID 19 with a home test or obtained testing through your provider, please click on the link and complete this short health survey.



CDC guidance on isolation and quarantine for COVID-19 has not changed.  We will continue to monitor the pandemic and trace contacts in certain high risk settings. Public Health will continue to be available to give guidance to organizations, answer individual questions, and provide work or school releases when requested.  To request a release of isolation from Public Health please email us at  Please include your name, date of birth, contact number and the date your symptoms began.  

Click HERE to view or download a PDF document of this information