Federal Elections


Close of Regular Voter Registration:  May 7, 2018                       RAVALLI COUNTY ELECTION RESULTS
Absentee Ballots will be mailed:  May 11, 2018                            
Election Day:  June 5, 2018                                                           STATE ELECTION RESULTS

SAMPLE BALLOTS:     Democrat Sample Ballot            Green Party Sample Ballot          Republican Sample Ballot

If you want to see what your ballot will look like, you can go to the "My Voter Page" on the Secretary of State's website at https://app.mt.gov/voterinfo/?source=mtgovVoterImage. Here you can see your voting status, where your polling place is, what precinct, house and senate district you are in, and track your absentee ballot (if you vote by absentee).

The close of regular voter registration has passed, so if you are not registered to vote and would like to vote in the upcoming Primary Election, you will need to come to the late registration center at 215 South 4th Street, Hamilton. You will be issued a ballot at the time you register.  Deadline to return voted ballots is no later than 8 PM on Election Day, June 5.

If you are already a registered voter and do not vote by absentee ballot, you can go to your polling place on Election Day. Polls are open from 7 AM to 8 PM, June 5 only.

If you have any questions regarding voter registration, you can contact the Election Office at 375-6550.