Sheriff's Office Phone apps and alerts

Download our Ravalli County Sheriff’s smart phone app by searching Ravalli County Sheriff in your app store. The Ravalli County Sheriff’s Office uses this free app to share press releases, notifications, bulletins, web links, photographs, crime tips, and recruitment opportunities with our community via their smart phone. An example of the app notification may involve a traffic crash that has closed down a roadway. We notify people who have our smart phone app that the road is closed and when the road is open. Another example would include sending a wanted person bulletin or job openings to our community members.

Sign up for our AlertSense public safety notification to receive Ravalli County emergency alert notifications for incidents such as forest fire evacuations or flooding notifications. Our AlertSense public safety emergency notification system allows our Sheriff’s Office to communicate emergency notifications to specific areas, neighborhoods, or addresses of pending emergency incidents. An example would be when a wild land fire threatens specific neighborhoods or addresses. If people in these areas have a landline telephone, we can send out the emergency alert to all people in that area by contacting their landline phone with an automated message. If people in these areas do not have a landline telephone or they are not home, they must sign up for our AlertSense program to receive the emergency alert on their cell phone by text message, voice message, or e-mail.

Go to the Ravalli County web page ( to sign up for Ravalli County AlertSense. Once you are on the Ravalli County web page, click the “Sign up to receive emergency alerts” and then click on the blue AlertSense sign up box. You can select what type of alerts that you want to receive on your cell phone and/or e-mail. You must include your cell phone number and your address so we can notify you of specific public safety emergency alerts that may affect your address.

Scan this barcode to download the Ravalli County Sheriff's Office app onto your Smart phone