Special Purpose District Elections

                           MAIL BALLOT ELECTION -- POLLS WILL NOT BE OPEN

Close of Regular Voter Registration:  April 27, 2020                        ELECTION DAY:  MAY 5, 2020
Ballots will be mailed out:  April 17, 2020
Special Districts include:  Drainage, Fire, Irrigation, Library, Park, and Water/Sewer

The following districts will be holding an election:  Florence Rural Fire District and Ravalli County Park District No. 2
Florence Rural Fire District
Ravalli County Park District No. 2

Qualification of Electors
FIRE DISTRICT:  Electors who reside in the district or hold title to lands within the district who presents proof of payment of taxes on the lands are qualified to vote.  If you are not registered to vote in Ravalli County, an affidavit of property ownership will need to be completed and submitted to the Election Office. 
Affidavit of property owner not registered to vote in Ravalli County
Affidavit of person entitled to vote on behalf of trust or corporation