District Court

The Twenty-First Judicial District’s jurisdiction encompasses Ravalli County and is presided over by two District Court Judges elected for six-year terms. Hon. Howard F. Recht heads up Department #1 and Hon. Jennifer B. Lint is in charge of Department #2.

District Court proceedings may occur in either of the two courtrooms located on the fourth floor of the courthouse. Law and Motion is held on Wednesdays in Department 1, and on Thursdays in Department 2. Calendars are posted outside the courtrooms to aid you in locating specific hearings.

District Courts are Montana’s trial courts of general jurisdiction, handling felony criminal cases, civil cases, mental health commitments, and appellate jurisdiction over the lower courts.


The ultimate mission of the District Court is to provide for the fair, expeditious, just and final resolution of significant legal disputes. This must be accomplished by fair treatment of all litigants, timely disposition of cases consistent with the circumstances of each individual case, enhancement of the quality of the litigation process and promotion of the public confidence in the District Court as a vital public institution.

Court Administrator

Each Judge employs a Court Administrator who sees to the Judges' calendars, schedules, correspondence and everyday issues which arise in the operation of the Court. They are available to answer procedural questions you may have.

Court Reporter

Each Judge employs a Court Reporter who attends all sittings of the Court and takes full stenographic notes or audio recordings of the testimony and proceedings.

Staff Attorney

Each Judge employs a Staff Attorney (Law Clerk) who serves as a research and writing assistant to the Judge.

Information Provided by the Judge’s Office

The Judge’s office can provide the public with general information about the Court calendar, Court Rules, Court uses and functions, and route questions to the correct departments.

Staff Attorneys, Judicial Assistants and Clerk of Court personnel are not able to provide the public with legal advice or confidential information. The public should consult an attorney for any legal questions they may have.

If you are seeking information or copies of documents from a particular case, have questions about filings or court proceedings, please contact staff in the Clerk of Court’s office 406-375-6710.

For directions to the Ravalli County Courthouse, please visit Google Maps.