County Attorney

County Attorney & Deputies

The County Attorney is an elected official who is both a state officer and a county officer. The County Attorney and his deputies are the public prosecutors who represent the State of Montana in all criminal cases and civil matters occurring within the county. He is also counsel for the county, its officers, and all other political subdivisions and their officers within the county.

  • Bill Fulbright, Ravalli County Attorney
  • Angela Wetzsteon,  Chief Deputy Attorney
  • David Lakin, Deputy
  • Clay Leland, Deputy
  • Lauren Sandau, Deputy
  • Amanda Smith, Deputy
  • Hao Wang, Deputy

Filing Criminal Charges

Filing criminal charges requires proper investigation and action by a law enforcement agency. You should contact local law enforcement officials if you believe a crime has been committed. These agencies are:
  • Ravalli County Sheriff's Department 375-4060
  • Hamilton Police Department 363-2100
  • Darby Police Department 821-3753
  • Stevensville Police Department 777-3011

Legal Advice

The County Attorney is prevented by law from giving legal advice to private citizens on civil matters. If you have questions regarding a civil matter, you should contact a private attorney. People have found the Montana Law Help website and the "Legal Resources" section of the Montana Bar Association website helpful in understanding private civil matters.