Copies & Searches

Copies & Searches
If you need to obtain copies of documents, you may submit a written request, along with complete details of the information you are requesting and a self addressed stamped envelope for the return of those documents to the Clerk of District Court.

We accept cash, checks, or money orders for records request. If you are unsure of the number of pages or the amount due for your request, you may write a check not to exceed $20 and made payable to the Clerk of District Court. You are also welcome to come to the office at 205 Bedford Street and request copies.

Fees for some of the most common requests are:
  • Copy of Marriage License $5.00
  • Copy of Divorce Decree $10.00 
  • Copies (except Marriage License and Divorce Decree) - $1.00 per page for first 10 pages, $0.50 per page for each additional page
  • Certification of a document is $2 (does not include copying costs)
  • Searches - $2.00 per name per year for the first seven years, $1.00 per name per year for each additional year
Additional Fees
  • Per Local Rules, Ravalli County accepts electronic filings.
  • Documents may be submitted by email. Faxed documents must be faxed to 406-375-6721.
  • Payment of electronic filing fees must accompany the original documents and be submitted within 5 days to replace the faxed or emailed copy.
  • The fee for incoming electronic filing is $.50 per page.
  • The fee for outgoing electronic services is $.25 per page.