Jury Information

Information for Jurors

In order to be eligible to serve as a juror, you must be
  • 18 years of age or older,
  • A resident for at least 30 days of the state and of the city, town or county in which you are called for jury service
  • A citizen of the United States

Jury Selection

Effective October 1, 2007 jurors are randomly selected from a combined list of registered voters, licensed drivers and holders of Montana ID cards. The jury service term for the Twenty-First Judicial District, Ravalli County lasts for one year, beginning on 
July 1st and ending on June 30th.

If you are selected for the one year jury term you will be given notice by mail. You are not required to do anything at that time. 

If You Are Summoned

If you are summoned for jury service, you will be given the opportunity at that time to confirm your appearance at the trial or to request to be excused from serving as a juror. The summons will include the dates of the trial, the judge assigned to the case, a questionnaire, and all forms necessary to confirm your appearance at the trial, or request to be excused from jury service. For your convenience, we have attached the following forms.  Please fill them out completely and remember to sign them.
          -  Trial Specific Questionnaire and Confirmation/Excusal Request
          -  Yearly Exemption Request
You may email your completed forms to courtfilings@rc.mt.gov  
Many times, after a jury has been summoned, the case will be resolved without need for a trial. Listed below are the telephone numbers you may call to check the status of the trial. This may help to avoid possible inconvenience to you, your family, and your employer.
         -  375-6728 for Judge Jeffrey H. Langton, Dept. 1
         -  375-6729 for Judge Jennifer B. Lint, Dept. 2

If the trial vacates, you may be called again to serve at a later date. 
If your trial date has not been cancelled, you should report to the main floor of the Ravalli County Courthouse at 205 Bedford Street, Hamilton, MT.


If you are summoned and appear for a jury service you will be paid:
  • $12 to appear as a potential juror;
  • $25 a day if you are selected as a juror
  • $0.535 a mile for round trip mileage

Additional Information

During your term, you are required to notify our office of any changes in your mailing address, physical address, or phone number. Should you plan a vacation, or have an emergency occur during the term and you find it impossible to serve, please contact the Clerk of Court's office at: 
         -  375-6710 General Information.

We believe you will find your experience as a juror interesting and enjoyable. We look forward to having you serve as a juror on an upcoming jury panel.