Clerk of District Court

Clerk of Courts Responsibilities 

The Office of the Clerk of Court is responsible to
  • Receive, file and maintain criminal, civil, domestic, juvenile, probate, guardianship, dependent / neglected youths, mentally ill, paternity and adoption cases. Establish and maintain court calendars of trials and hearings
  • Attend and record court proceedings, administer oaths to witnesses, take court minutes and act as custodian of exhibits
  • Enter Orders, Judgments and Decrees in Judgment Docket - Prepare and transmit files to the Supreme Court, Sentence Review and Guest Judges as required
  • Receive, receipt and transmit child support payments and court fines and fees
  • Issue Summons, Executions and Subpoenas. Issue marriage licenses
  • Impanel and issue annual summons to prospective jurors selected from a list of registered voters and licensed drivers randomly drawn as provided by the Secretary of State
  • Draw, process and notify prospective jurors for individual trials
  • Keep jurors informed of the status of the pending cases and issue checks for their services
  • Process and forward passport applications to the Passport Agency
  • Maintain absolute integrity in working with confidential information
  • Search records and make copies upon written request and pre-payment of search and copy fees. We are unable to conduct searches by telephone request

Legal Advice

While the Clerk of Court's Office is here to assist the public, State statutes MCA 3-1-601 and 7-4-2210 prohibits this office from giving legal advice or preparing legal documents. Notary Public services are not available in this office. The only forms available from the Clerk's Office are for Dissolution of Marriage and Parenting Plan. The Montana Law Library may have other useful forms.

Our Mission

The mission of the Office of the Clerk of District Court is to function as a team dedicated to our customers by maintaining accurate records, furnishing assistance, and providing services with competence, professionalism, and courtesy in compliance with laws, rules, and regulations.