911 Communication Center

                                 Ravalli County 911 Communications Center

The Ravalli County 911 Center is a division of our Ravalli County Sheriff’s Office and is led by a sworn Communications Lieutenant. The Communications Center is staffed by 13 Communications Specialist, who answer emergency and non-emergency phone calls within Ravalli County and dispatch all Ravalli County first responders to these calls. Our 911 Communications Center is staffed with at least two Communications Specialist 24 hours a day – every day of the year.

Communications Specialist are dedicated to public safety and are highly trained and motivated to assist you during emergency situations.

Our Communications Center dispatches for 12 Fire Districts, 5 local law enforcement agencies, three ambulance services and numerous state and federal agencies.

The majority of public safety services within Ravalli County, start with a phone call into our 911 Communications Center. A Communications Specialist evaluates the reported incident and determines which emergency services are required for the incident. Our communications team notifies the appropriate first responders with where the incident is happening and what is being reported.

At any given time, our communications team may be managing multiple emergency and chaotic incidents throughout Ravalli County at the same time. If you call our center, be patient as our Communications Specialist have to prioritize phone calls to manage the chaos of several incidents.

If the incident is a medical issue, our Communications Specialist are trained in Emergency Medical Dispatch and will give medical instructions over the telephone until first responders arrive to render medial aid. 
 Ravalli County receives several accidental 911 calls every day. The majority of these callers are unaware that they dialed 911 or hang up prior to speaking to our Communications Specialist. During such accidental calls, law enforcement is dispatched to these locations to determine if an emergency exists or not. This ties up a great deal of first responder time and resources to determine if these are real events or accidental calls. Please do not call 911 unless you have an emergency and need immediate help. If you accidentally dial 911- stay on the line and speak with our communications staff.

An emergency is a situation that poses an immediate risk to health, life, or property.