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Ravalli County has approximately 1450 miles of public roadway. Approximately 550 miles of those roads are maintained by the County Road Department. Of the 550 miles of roadway approximately 300 miles are paved and 250 miles are graveled.

Inventory of maintained roads are available to the public upon request. If you are purchasing property in the Bitterroot Valley you should investigate road conditions and maintenance to determine service available to your property.

Ravalli County Road Department employs 19 people including Driver / Operators, Work Zone Assistants, Mechanics and Administration.

The main office is in Hamilton. The county maintains and operates seven open pit quarries and mines the aggregate for sanding, chipping, road base and asphalt products. The county operates a crusher plant to generate aggregate materials.

Permits Required
Approach Permits are required for all field access, residential and commercial approaches. Applicant must submit current parcel map with application. Fee is $145.00. In addition, a $500 refundable deposit is required for a performance guarantee. Road Department staff will issue permits with job specifications for construction.

Encroachment Permits are required for all excavation work in county easements and right of ways. Applicant must submit certificate of liability insurance, performance bond and $195.00 fee for each encroachment site.

All application forms are available at the Road Department office, 244 Fairgrounds Road, Hamilton, MT.

The Road and Bridge Department is now accepting 2015 Dust Abatement applications for County maintained gravel roadways.  Applications are available at 244 Fairgrounds Road and shall be accepted until May 4, 2015.  Residents pay for the dust control materials and the County pays for the labor, material and equipment to apply the materials.  The minimum cost is $216 for 300 feet of roadway.  Contact the Road and Bridge Department at 363-2733 for more information.