Wireless Communication Facilities 

WCFP-23-02 Vertical Bridge US-MT-5077 302 Black Bear Lane Cell Tower Variance Request

The Variance Hearing conducted on 10/18/2023 has been continued to November 28th, 2023 at 11:00am. See information and details below.

Variance Hearing continued from 10/18/2023: CONTINUANCE HEARING set for November 28th, 2023 at 11:00am (215 S. Fourth St. Hamilton, MT 59840, Third Floor)

Staff Report: Vertical Bridge 302 Black Bear Lane Variance Staff Report 

WCFP-23-02 Public Comments Updated

WCFP-23-02 Public Comments Updated 11-15-2023

WCFP-23-02 Public Comments Updated 11-27-23

Topic: WCFP-23-02 Vertical Bridge P#762200 Continued from 10-18-2023 Variance Request Meeting

Time: Nov 28, 2023 11:00 AM Mountain Time (US and Canada)


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Meeting ID: 897 0428 7850

Passcode: 834899

Citizen Initiated Zoning Districts

The creation of a citizen-initiated zoning district (CIZD) gives local landowners the opportunity to guide future development in their area. They allow neighbors to work together to make a land use plan that can enhance their neighborhood. In order to create a CIZD, at least 60% of the freeholders within the proposed district must sign a petition, which is presented to the County. The district size must be at least 40 acres.

If adopted, the zoning district is enforceable by the County. Planning Department staff is available to work with landowners who are interested in establishing CIZDs. Citizen-Initiated Zoning Districts are authorized under Section 76-2-101, Montana Code Annotated.

Citizen's Guide to CIZD

View the CIZD map, showing all CIZD's within Ravalli County. For more information and a guide to the procedure, please read the General Procedure for the Adoption of a Citizen-Initiated Zoning District.

Proposed Citizen Initiated Zoning District

Proposed Rose Lane (CIZD#42)

Memorandum on proposed Citizen-Initiated Zoning_CIZD 42-Rose Lane_10-12-2023

Public Comments to 10-11-23

Vicinity and Location Map_10-6-2023

*** Public meeting on 10-12-23 at 10:30 a.m.:  Discussion with possible approval of Resolution of Intent to Create Citizen Initiated Zoning District Boundaries #42 - Rose Lane (K Davis et al) continuance from 9-18-23 meeting

Ravalli County Planning is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.


Topic: Continuance: Public Meeting:  Discussion with possible approval of Resolution to Create Citizen Initiated Zoning District BOUNDARIES (CIZD #42) Rose Lane (K Davis et al)

Time: Oct 12, 2023 10:30 AM Mountain Time (US and Canada)


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Recorded CIZD Information

Text of recorded documents pertaining to existing Citizen-Initiated Zoning Districts is available. Please note that there may be multiple resolutions included in the permanent files (one creating district boundaries, one to create the Planning and Zoning Commission, and one passed by the County Commissioners.) The final standards for a district may not be found at the beginning of a document.

The information provided here is merely a resource. If any electronic document differs from what is recorded in the Clerk and Recorder's Office, the recorded version supersedes.

Name Original Document 1st Amendment 2nd Amendment 3rd Amendment
Alvista/Bowman Road PF- 7560
Canton 583370
Canyon Paradise Heights PF-7746
Curlew PF-6310
Doran Addition PF-6403
Eage Watch PF-7626 PF-7636
Florence Area PF-6218
Fricke Property PF-6368
Fruitland Farms PF-6311
Hawk Property PF-6402
Hensler Property PF-6385
Hensler Property No. 2 PF-6393
Holly Lane PF-7122
Joost, et al PF-6404 467709 469201
Kennedy Pines PF-6320
Lay Property PF-6391
Lower Lost Horse PF-7987
Lower Sunset Bench PF-7760 PF-7934
Mittower Road & HWY 93 PF-7785
Mountain View Orchards PF-7943
North Illinois Bench PF-7650 PF-7955 485664
Old Corvallis RD-Eastside HWY PF-6342
Ravalli County Airport
Voluntary Zoning District
Ricketts Meadows PF-7986
Ricketts Road 596927 611663 611981 611910
Rippling Woods 565830 582723 583369
Riverview Orchards PF-6348 PF-6354 PF-6355
Roaring Lion PF-6390
Rossi, et al PF-6386
Sawtooth Creek Ranch PF-7956
Sheafman Creek PF-6312 PF-7892
South Shoshone Loop PF-7839
Stewart Property PF-6384
Stevensville Outside PF-8327
Sunset Orchards No. 4 PF-6407
Torp & Norgaard PF-6397
Upper Mill Creek PF-8543 PF-8592
Wagner Lane PF-6933
Willow Creek Area PF-6392
Willow Creek Zoning No. 2 PF-6431
Yerian-Mihara 577024 584855 585885