Where to Vote (For Federal Elections Only)

The following information is for Federal Elections held at the polls.  Please check the section "Upcoming Elections" for details of current elections.  Note:  Polls will not be open if an election is conducted by mail ballot.
The governing body in the county establishes a convenient number of voting precincts. An elector is required by statute to vote in the precinct in which he/she resides. Ravalli County has 24 precincts and 8 polling places, which are published in local newspapers before each election. Provision is made for an elector to vote in his/her old precinct at one election after a change of address. Polls are open between the hours of 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. for countywide elections.

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Ravalli County Polling Places

Polling Place Precinct Location
Darby High School Gym 1-3 209 School Drive, Darby
Hamilton High School Gym 4-9 327 Fairgrounds Road, Hamilton
Corvallis High School Gym 10-13 1045 Main Street, Corvallis (end of Main Street)
Pinesdale Town Hall 14  Downtown Pinesdale
Victor School Gym 15-16  424 4th Avenue, Victor
Stevensville Elementary School Gym 17-20 300 Park St. Stevensville (Behind K-3 building)
Lone Rock School Gym 21-22 1112 Three Mile Creek Road, Stevensville
Florence Carlton School Gym 23-24  5602 Old Highway 93, Florence

Polling Place Details

For Federal and State elections, all polling places will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

If you are using this list for poll watching, please note that some of the precincts listed above have multiple tables. Contact the election office at (406) 375-6550 so you may plan accordingly.  Also refer to the Ravalli County guide for poll watchers and election observers.
Polling places are handicap accessible.