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  1. 2021 Ground Water Monitoring

    Ground Water Monitoring Applications Read on...
  2. COVID 19 Vaccines update from the Public Health Nurse 01-12-2021

    COVID 19 Vaccines update from the Public Health Nurse 01-12-2021 Read on...
  3. Ravalli County Museum Public Service Announcement - Reduction in hours of operation

    Ravalli County Museum Public Service Announcement - Reduction in hours of operation Read on...
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  1. Coronavirus (COVID


    The Center of Disease Control (CDC) and the Department of Public Health & Human Services (DPHHS) website links for coronavirus (COVID-19):


    We are asking the public to remain calm and take steps to protect yourself by washing hands, practicing social distancing, and remain home if you are sick. We are in this together, and we will get through this as we have with past incidents in our Valley.

    The most current information can be found on Ravalli County homepage COVID 19 at www.ravalli.us

    For immediate information signup for the Ravalli County Sheriff’s application.

  2. Ravalli County Public Health Officer - Job Description

    PHO Job Description
  3. Ravalli County Museum Public Service Announcement - reduction in hours of operation

    The Ravalli County Museum and Historical Society, has decided to reduce Museum hours for several months to make needed improvements. The items being addressed are to the structure itself and as well take the time to refurbish and refresh exhibit galleries and update work spaces. One of our substantial exhibit areas will be shut for some time due to an electrical fire that occurred several weeks ago.  The Lewis and Clark Meet the Salish Discovery Room originally underwritten by Rob and Terry Ryan, received some collateral damage to the ceiling and the entire room now needs to be rewired. A significant undertaking.  During these winter months it seems prudent to rejuvenate exhibit galleries upstairs and continue with infrastructure work in the area of computer upgrades and software systems while streamlining the adjacent workstations. The end result will be better access to the remarkable storehouse of information and archival documents and a review of the interpretation in some of our permanent exhibits. As well we are looking to install innovative new exhibits in our rotating spaces. Virtual tours and their accompanying components will become part of our day to day installations.  We have opted to remain open on Saturdays from 9-4 in order to continue to offer access to our Children and Family Activities every Saturday from 10-12 and as well allow for entree to the exhibit spaces and rooms which are not being refurbished at this time.


    Community support allows the Museum to serve as a gathering place for arts and culture, building experience and lifelong learning. We are adapting our education program, lectures series and activities to meet the current needs of students and families. We are curating relevant and unique exhibits and finding new ways to share them. And we are caring for this historic building that is housing your treasured artifacts and is a repository for our common history. We want to share all of this with you.


    We, the staff, volunteers, the Historical Society Board will ensure we are ready to welcome you back in the spring to start making noteworthy memories again. This has been a difficult year and we have appreciated your continued care and goodwill. We will emerge as a strong entity committed to the stewardship and cultivation of Montana’s rich and unique history and its backstory. Our mission to preserve, share, celebrate and capture our collective history remains steadfast. By doing this we help keep the magic of arts, culture and education alive, thriving, and part of your life and in our community. It is important to take a breath and think of the past year, as we remember to thank you for your patronage.

  4. COVID 19 Vaccines update from the Public Health Nurse 01-12-2021

    The Public Health Nurse's Office is working on a solution for vaccinating our community. They have had an overwhelming response since the new Phase 1B came out last week. At the moment, they are booked out to February 19, 2021 and the doses on hand have been scheduled out.  They do not know the amount or timing of the future shipment of doses.  They are working on a process to allow residents a more efficient way to access scheduling to receive the vaccine. There is no waiting list at this time.  We will do our best to keep the community informed about the when and where of vaccines.