Reserve Deputy

Have you wanted to serve your community while learning the duties of a sworn Deputy Sheriff? Have you ever been interested in law enforcement but found other opportunities in your career? You can continue working in your career while joining the Ravalli County Sheriffs Reserve Deputy Association and learning all aspects of law enforcement duties within our community.

Volunteer With Us
The Ravalli County Reserve Deputy Association was established in 1988 and consists of up to thirty volunteers who assist the Ravalli County Sheriffs Office in serving our community. All Reserve Deputies volunteer at least ten hours per month with the Sheriffs Office, and Reserves work at the direction of our Sheriff. All Reserve Deputies complete approximately 200 hours of training prior to being sworn in by the Sheriff.

Our training program involves all aspects of law enforcement, including: report writing, interview and interrogation, search and seizure, evidence preservation and collection, firearms training, use of force, defensive tactics, first aid/CPR, patrol procedures, and criminal/civil law.

Field Training Program
After being sworn in for one full year,  and completing 500 hours of volunteer time, Reserve Deputies may apply for the Sheriffs Office Field Training Program. This is the same Field Training Program that all full time Deputies complete, which consists of approximately 560 hours of training time with a Field Training Deputy.

Reserve Deputy Responsibilities
Reserve Deputies' primary function is to assist full time Deputies in serving our community. Duties include shift work with full time Deputies, guard duties, campground patrols, transport duties, and special community functions. The Reserve Deputy Association sponsors an annual magic show, which is put on by Owenhouse productions. The funds from the magic show are kept within the Reserve Deputy Association, and are used for training, uniform items, and Reserve equipment.

Reserve Deputies provide their own equipment and firearm. Cost of the Reserve equipment is approximately $2,000. The primary function of the Reserve Association is volunteer work for our community, although some duties are paid.

Application Information
All Reserve candidates must have a clean criminal record, be 21 years old, be a resident of Montana, and reside in Ravalli County. All applicants must pass a written and physical test, interview, physical exam, and thorough background investigation.
If you are interested in the Reserve Deputy Association, please contact Sgt. Ron Holton at 406-375-4027.