The Treasurer receives monies for the County. The Tax Office sends out property tax bills and collects current and delinquent tax payments. The Motor Vehicle Office processes titles and registers all vehicles within the county. A variety of Montana license plates are available through this office.

Taxes owed to the state, municipalities, schools, and special districts are collected at the Treasurer’s Office. With the authorization of the County Commissioners, the Treasurer invests county funds in interest-bearing certificates.
                  If Paying by Credit/Debit Card there will be a 
           2.15% plus $1.25 transaction fee added to the tax bill.

              2017 Real Property Tax Bills
     Sent to the Printer today, should see tax
       bills in the mail by Friday Oct 27, 2017

1st Half Real Property Tax Due Date Nov 30, 2017      
                 2nd half taxes are due May 31, 2018. 
                 2017 Mobile Home Tax
                          1st half Due July 3, 2017
                         2nd half Due Nov 30, 2017

                      When using the 
         "Pay Your Taxes Online" below
    ONLY ENTER - Tax Id # or Last Name.
        (Less is better with this system)
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